Places with color, people I don't know.


Summer shoes

When it’s up enough, you don’t notice it…

This is how it really happen.

After landing at JFK last Monday night from a ‘direct’ flight from Paris via Moscow (yes that’s what happen when you book you travel arrangement with a phone), I ended up unloading all my stuff through a 3x4 feet elevator going 1 floor/min (real) into this double park truck. Great truck, but with the car attached don’t even think about backing out. After 2 hour being stock in traffic because of some UN happening (Just a little detour to help a friend  who was also moving out getting his stuff in storage), I finally hit the road so tired that I ended up stopping in a rest area and fall asleep on the spot, only an hour away from Nyc. The rest of the trip was pretty. Fall color, Denny’s …. what else in life :). At the border, after one night in the Buffalo suburb, I took the wrong lane, the one for commercial goods. Big disappointment, my truck wasn’t big enough so I had to reach out my passport to the custom officier by standing up on the foot step. He looked at me and said that until I have something really illegal in the truck I shouldn’t be in this lane. He asked me to pulled out and wait. An hour later, an other officier (I means he was wearing a uniform) came with a cart and direct me throughout the border campus to the lane I was suppose to be in. I finally made it ok to Toronto, skipping the Niagara falls for this time, unload the truck into a storage and enjoy visiting apartment and be a tourist for a the last 2 days. Great city so far. Tomorrow is my first day at work.