Places with color, people I don't know.


Next stop, The Niagara falls

Dear photographers on tumblr, Thank You.

Very special thanks to Luxlit, thephotographerssociaty, julesfalkhunter, gray card, lensblr-networks and all the editors for helping photographers to get their work out there.

Thank you liquid night for her remarkable daily curator job.

And not the least, THANK YOU to the photographers I follow for bringing such a great content to life.

Hope I didn’t forget anybody :)



PS: I will be out for a while but my next post may be from the Niagara Falls if I’m lucky.

postcard from Toulouse

a new friend, la Garonne river near Toulouse

on the move

Back to Paris to visit friends and family. (Moving to Toronto Canada at the end the month)

In three words

Packing, a long story short